SWM Sessions

At GRL SWM we offer engaging, inclusive and fun sessions alongside our  specialist SWM Coaches and team to ensure all sessions are tailored to your level of ability and ensuring we work at your own pace. 

Our friendly and welcoming classes are designed for all abilities, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for you to enjoy your time swimming with us. We take pride in ensuring your learning experience is positive and helps build your confidence, strength and independence in the water.

Here at GRL SWM we take pride in our SWM Coaches. We work with highly committed staff with ASA, RLSS and NRASTC qualifications. Our instructors have years of experience in the water and have helped to transform lives. 


Classes cover areas such as : 

  • Water confidence
  • Introduction to all 4 strokes
  • Treading water
  • Floating and rotating
  • Swim 25 meters of 1 stroke.
  • Submerge under water.
  • Understand how to breathe.

All lessons are for a length of 6 weeks and are renewable after each block of lessons. The more lessons you undergo the further you will improve your swimming skills and ability.