SWM Coaches

Here at GRL SWM we take pride in our SWM Coaches. We work with highly committed staff with ASA, RLSS and NRASTC qualifications. Our instructors have years of experience in the water and have helped to transform lives. 

Chelache Campbell

Chelache Campbell is a GRL SWM Coach leading our East London sessions in Hackney

Chelache is a qualified swimming teacher with over 12 years experience, since being introduced to swimming at the age of 2 she has not left the water since. Also going on to swim competitively for 8 years. She has also been a Swim England Assistant Coach

Over the last 5 years she has also worked with Speedo, Swim Dem Crew and Soul Cap. 

ASA – Level 2 Swimming Teacher

RLSS – National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches (NRASTC)

Tilly Hogarth

Tilly Hogarth is a GRL SWM Coach leading our South West London sessions in Balham.

Tilly, is an experienced swim teacher and outdoor enthusiast. With years of teaching experience and as a lifeguard, Tilly brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a former competitive swimmer with a passion for outdoor swimming.

Tilly aims to make swimming inclusive for all, regardless of their swimming background.

As a dedicated swim teacher, she creates a safe and supportive environment, instilling confidence and improving technique in her students.

ASA – Level 2 Swimming Teacher

Zahara Chaker-Jones

Zahara Chaker-Jones is a GRL SWM Coach leading our South East London sessions in Greenwich.

Zahara is a former competitive swimmer and lifeguard with nearly 10 years experience

Zahara has experience teaching all ages and abilities. She enjoys both a busy lesson as well as a more personable one-to-one, in both scenarios Zahara get's to show and bestow her passion. 

Zahara endeavours to create a fun, educational and safe swimming environment whereby her students confidence and technique are at the focus of all lessons. 

STA Level 2

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